Elf for Health 2013 Recap


First off – this challenge was AMAZING. Seriously, make sure to sign-up for it next year. (side note: please hold it again next year!!) I was sad to see the challenge end.

I had two amazing elves during the four weeks – one who ended up living very close to where I grew up, and another that lived in a different country. We kept in touch through frequent e-mails and gave each other tips. I learned a lot from both of my elves and they inspired me to try new workouts, recipes, etc. I hope to keep encouraging each other into the new year.

The Facebook group was also a highlight for me, as there were many elves who would post tips, successes, personal struggles, you name it! The group was a fantastic mix of people from all over the country (world?) and was very supportive and uplifting.  I’m so glad that Lindsay @ Lean Green Bean and Elle @ Nutritionella made this challenge possible, during a tough time of year for many to keep health in mind.

We had a different challenge every day for four weeks – my favorites are listed below.

ImageUnsubscribe: The purpose was to help clean up your email inbox from all of those unread, unnecessary messages. I had done this about a year ago, but was surprised to see how many I had somehow signed up for between now and then! Now my inbox is much lighter and I’m only receiving emails I actually want to read.

100 Burpees: I’ve never been a fan of the burpee; in fact, when I’ve taken classes before and they have been a part of the circuit, I’ve been known to groan. Because of this dislike, it had been awhile since I had done any – like over a year! I enlisted my husband for this challenge and we traded off doing 25 at a time (our living room is not big enough for 2!) and we got them done quickly. I think I will start including them more into my workout routine.

Operation BeautfiulOperation Beautiful: This was probably my favorite challenge. I put up post-its in several bathrooms near where I work with encouraging statements about beauty. It felt wonderful to spread a little love to others and I hope that the words helped someone out or made someone smile. On a side note, I was excited to still see one of the notes up 3 weeks later!

CircuitCircuit Workout: I love circuits, so this one was right up my alley. Many elves created their own and posted them on the Facebook page. I saved many of those for future use!

I truly enjoyed the experience and it helped me stay focused and ready to take on 2014. If anyone struggles during the holidays with health and fitness (or just enjoys these types of challenges, like me!), I would definitely recommend Elf 4 Health in the future!

~ Beth

(Note: Elf4Health Graphics from Lean Green Bean).


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