Back and Ready for Spring!

This has been a rough winter! The weather has been ridiculous and we caught literally every germ that passed through my toddler’s daycare classroom.
I meant to blog more, but other things started taking priority. It’s all about balance, right?

I’m excited that in 4 weeks are my *first* races of the year! I’ve done several virtual races in 2014, but nothing can beat the feeling of running with lots of other people. The energy is just hard to beat!

I’ll be running the Illinois Marathon 5K and 10K, which is called the “Mini I-Challenge”. The 5K is Friday night and 10K is Saturday morning. I’m so excited! I’ve done both races before, but never both on the same weekend. Training is going fairly well, and the weather is getting slightly better which helps, too.

The husband and I also took a fun weekend trip to Savannah, GA, recently. Trips used to be something that we enjoyed often together, so it was fun to experience that again! The history, scenery , and food were just fantastic. We also took a walking tour of the city which I would highly recommend to anyone traveling to that area! Little toddler was as happy as can be with family for the weekend – spoiled and treated with lots of new toys and goodies.

I look forward to writing more in the future, sharing recipes, randomness, and overall thoughts about nutrition and health.

Hope it is warming up near you!

– Beth