Desk Job Fitness Circuit

There are days where I literally look at my schedule and do not know how I am going to squeeze in some physical activity.

Sound familiar?

Yesterday was one of those days – I planned on running before work while the rest of the family slept, but my toddler woke up super early and that plan was scratched. I had a full day at work and a meeting afterwards that would last almost until bedtime.

Solution: Desk Job Fitness Circuit!

I keep a set of resistance bands in my desk for this purpose. Yesterday, I did this during my lunch break at my desk and ate lunch while working a little later. It may not have been the workout I planned on completing, but it was better than nothing. And I got in my run today instead. 🙂


How do you stay fit on busy days?

Disclaimer: Please consult with your physician before starting a new physical activity program.


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