Six Things

Happy Friday!

I’ve been participating in the Elf for Health challenge over the last four weeks. It’s been a great system of support and motivation during these colder weeks leading up to the holidays. My elves have been encouraging, too, and very inspirational!

Today’s challenge is to share six things you love about yourself – 3 physical and 3 non-physical. I’m not often the type of person to brag on myself, so compiling this list took a little time. Here goes!

1. I’m a great mom to my daughter and wife to my husband.

2. I have lots of empathy for others’ emotions. I find it easy to put myself into others’ shoes, and I think that served me very well during my time as a clinical dietitian.

3. My hair! It’s crazy and curly and I used to hate it. Now, I love the way it looks – even though it’s unpredictable.

4. My eyes. I like their color (green/hazel) and the fact that they aren’t completely symmetrical.

5 & 6. My strength – both physical and emotional.

~ Beth